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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding


The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning can be quite daunting at times. Although many couples hire professional wedding planners to assist with their wedding arrangements, there are also some couple who wants to do it by themselves. Maybe they’re operating on an extremely tight budget for wedding planning or they like all the DIY options–in any event, it can be possible to organize the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of by yourself.  If you want to plan your wedding by yourself, then here’s an ultimate guide for you to help you achieve your dream wedding. 

How to Plan a Wedding

  1. Make a Wedding Budget and Stick to It

Your wedding spending budget will likely be the primary element in most of your wedding-related decisions, and this is one of your priorities. If your family members will contribute, talk to them about the amount they’re comfortable spending. If you’re paying for the wedding yourself, you need to review your finances. Prepare yourself to face a real test in the process of setting up a budget for your wedding since many couples aren’t aware of the totality of expenses associated. Once you’ve found that magical number, stay with it!

  1. Choose the Wedding Style you Want 

Choose a few sources of wedding inspiration that you enjoy the most: Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and trusted bridal sites, and start looking into them. A good understanding of the kind of wedding you’d like will help tremendously when you meet with prospective suppliers. Don’t get bogged down by the sheer volume of wedding ideas available. Making one or more Pinterest boards — or even a visual collage using cork or poster board will help you determine the kind of design and style you want and help ensure that you are in line with your overall idea.

  1. Create a list of Wedding Priorities

Begin by sitting down with your spouse and discussing the most crucial three elements of your wedding. Is there a location or a certain date for your wedding? Do you want to lock in a particular wedding musician or photographer? Set your priorities on those aspects and then be willing to compromise for the rest. This will allow you to keep your spending within the budget and enable you to focus your attention on the things that matter.

  1. Start Working on Your Guest List

Deciding on how to organize your wedding guest list is a difficult procedure, and it will largely depend on the venue you choose and your budget. Meet with your spouse and other family members to make a list of your wedding guests. You’ll likely have to cut some corners. Also, you’ll need to determine if you’re inviting kids and who will get an additional one.

  1.  Your Venue Options

Make sure you research pricing packages and any limitations (including minimum budgets or several guests) from a variety of possibilities for ceremony and wedding locations before signing the “dotted line”. Even if you find the venue and package price you truly enjoy, you should continue considering other opinions. Check out the prices other venues charge before settling on an amount.

  1. Book Vendors that You’re Comfortable With

When it comes time to book wedding vendors, it is essential not to rush into choices. You should consider at least a few alternatives to ensure that the wedding vendors you choose are aware of your goals and be within your spending budget. Wedding suppliers are the key to ensuring that your wedding day is memorable, and everything goes smoothly. So, make sure that they’re part of a team of people whom you like. They must have a clear understanding of your goals and be confident that they will do it right. These wedding vendors will include the team for your wedding invitations, wedding tables, wedding chairs, wedding decorations, and so much more. 

  1. Purchase Wedding Bands

Have a few minutes to take a moment to enjoy the last of your engagement as well as your fiancé status before going looking for wedding rings. You should also take the right time to get insurance for your engagement ring and include wedding bands in your policy.

  1. Account for Events Before the Wedding

Engagement celebrations, showers, brunches, bachelor/bachelorette parties–there is no shortage of pre-wedding events to take place in the months leading up to your wedding day. While many of these celebrations are typically held by a close family member or friends, you may be required to take part in a tiny portion of the preparation. At a minimum, your guest list for such events needs to be compiled by you, and then passed on to the generous hosts.

Last Detail to Consider

Take a moment to be present and be in love with the moment you’re getting married! Don’t stress about the details and don’t worry if something isn’t flawless. What are the first things guests will be able to see? A couple in a state of stress, crammed with last-minute plans. When your wedding day arrives, take a break and enjoy the moments of joy with your loved ones and make sure to take a bite to eat. Ask any couple who is married, and it will fly by.

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